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Runes: Exploring the Elder Futhark and Runic Traditions

An in-depth, life changing, life long study. I'm not entirely sure how I want to handle this section yet, so let's just go with the flow for now and see where we go. Having grown up in the middle of PA German culture, my family themselves following the old traditions of our "heathen" ancestors, I found myself drawn heavily to their spiritual and magical systems for healing and so on.

Folklore & Magical Practices from the Old World
I also thought it would be fun to add in a bit about folk magic and work, too. So I've created a sub-page under this category for that, as well. Though primarily set around European practices and history, I'm sure there will be information of others countries, as well. Enjoy!

Links to Learn More:

Origin of the RunesThe Rune Poems
The Three Aettir
The Helm of Awe, or the Aegishjalmur
The 25th, or "Blank" Rune
Elder Futhark Rune Chart PDF - I originally created this chart for my workshops and for our rune study, but figured I'd make it available here.

Listed here are pdf files of copyright-free materials, a bibliography to help you find other texts that are very helpful, links, and other useful bits of links and information. NONE of the below is comprehensive. There are certainly other great books, articles, links, and such out there. However, if I were to list them all...we'd both be here forever, hehe. 
That said, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't be afraid to contact me.

Resources, Books and Other PDF Files

Runic and Heroic Poems of the Old Teutonic Peoples, by Bruce Dickins, 1915
The Runes, Whence Came They, by George Stephens, 1894 (Google pdf)
Handbook of the old-northern runic monuments of Scandinavia and England, by George Stephens, 1884 (pdf)
The Old English Rune Poem, An Edition, by Frederick George Jones, 1967 (manuscript pdf)
The Old Icelandic Rune Poem, by R.I. Page, 1999 (pdf)
Greeks and Goths: A Study on the Runes, by Isaac Taylor, 1879 (Google pdf)
Runes in the First Century, by Bernard Mees (pdf)
On a Runic Door from Iceland, by George Stephens, 1872 (pdf)
The runic and other monumental remains of the isle of Man, by Joseph George Cumming, 1857 (pdf)
Notice of Runic Inscriptions Discovered During Recent Excavations in the Orkneys, by James Farrer, 1862 (html book)
Remarks on a Danish Runic Stone from the 11th Century, by Carl Christian Rafn, 1854 (pdf)
The Anglo-Saxon Rune Casket, by Wilhelm Vietor, 1901 (pdf)
Runic Inscriptions from the First Period (pdf compilation)
List of Runic Inscriptions in the Older Futhark (pdf; from the Kiel Rune Project)
Catalogue of Runic Literature, forming a part of the Icelandic Collection Bequeathed, by Willard Fiske, 1918 (pdf)
Catalogue of the Manx crosses with the runic inscriptions and various readings and renderings compared, by Philip Moore Callow, 1892 (pdf)
Swedish Vikings in English: The Evidence of the Rune Stones, by Sven B.F. Jansson, 1965 (pdf on Northvegr)

Runic Bibliography

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Arild Hauge's Runes and Viking Pages - One of my favorite runic websites, it is an extensive website with virtually anything runes you could hope for, including images for many images of archeaological finds. Highly recommended!
The Kiel Rune Project (Runenprojekt Kiel) - The Kiel Rune Project is a scientific research project sponsored by the German Research Foundation, and aims to establish a linguistic database of the oldest written attestations of the Germanic languages, the inscriptions of the Older Futhark.
The University of Nottingham's "An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions in the Younger Futhark" Project - Like the past two sites listed, this was is fabulously helpful.
The Seventh International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions (Oslo, 2010) & The "Nytt om runer" Publication
The Development of Old Germanic Alphabets (a chart)

Other Resources (not so much educational as helpful and fun to read)

Runic Love Quotes (pdf; this was just too neat not to include - I'm not sure who the author is, so I kept the file as-is)
Five pieces of runic poetry, by Thomas Percy, 1763 (Google book)
Runic odes: imitated from the Norse tongue in the manner of Mr. Gray By Thomas James Mathias, 1781 (Google pdf)
Puck of Pook's Hill, Rudyard Kipling, 1913 (pdf)