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Art: Craft of the Soul and Canvas

Art, art, art. I'm always inspired! Here's a page for some things I've done, as well as things inspiring and informative. No need to say more...let's make something!

From the Needles Edge
Some of my favorite crafting comes from sewing, cross stitching, and embroidering. Let this page serve as a gallery and place of inspiration!

A Brush on Creation
Painting is yet another activity I simply can't get enough of. Most of my painting, however, was done in my younger years and I do not have pictures of most of my work, so this page is starting from scratch as the painting flame in me has recently been rekindled. Of course, I'm always up for inspiration and a chance to show off others' talent, so you'll probably see that here too.

Here are some great inspirational sources from other places:

Resources, Books, and Other PDF Files

The Arts in Early England: Saxon art and industry in the pagan period, by Gerard Baldwin Brown, 1915 (Google pdf)


Norse Inspired Art - Links
Links to many artists pages who have been inspired by Germanic and Scandinavian folklore. Very cool stuff. Very inspiring.

Other Inspirational Sources