An Alioruna & Her Black Cat


Homepage: A few words...

So here we are. I'm not into long introductions, so let's keep this short and sweet! This site is a personal journey into some of my most prominent passions and life-pursuits; a place to share what I've learned, some experiences, and perhaps network with those wiser and more talented than myself, hehe. 

In these pages you'll most likely find things on runes, heathenry (some call Asatru, a Teutonic faith of pre-Christian Europe), family adventures, herbalism, crafting, magic, art, cats, and who knows what else I might bring. While the content on this site might be strange at times, and I'm sure I'll eventually [unintentionally] offend someone out there, you will not find hateful behavior on this site. I am a folkish woman, and I'm proud of where I come from...but I value and respect other cultures and races just the same.

Well, there are my "fancy words" if you will, haha. Enjoy your moments here on this site...and perhaps someday we can share a cup of tea and some spiced pumpkin bread together.