An Alioruna & Her Black Cat


Felidae: Exploration into the Feline World

Bit random, isn't it? Felines are another big passion of mine, so why not? Lots of other people like them too, so it works. Pet your kitties head, purr into their neck area, get comfy with him or her, and enjoy this section together!
                   "The cat, by tender stroke of hand,
                    It's gentle presence knows;
                    Responding with low waves of sound,
                    in song that ebbs and flows."
                                                    - Elizabeth Surr

Classic Books on the History and Lore of Cats

Concerning Cats: My Own and Some Others, by Helen Maria Winslow, 1900 (Google pdf)
The Book of Cats, by Charles Henry Ross, 1868 (Google pdf)
Stories About Cats, by Elizabeth Surr, 1882 (Google pdf)
The Cat's Elegy, by Gelett Burgess and Burges Johnson, 1913 (Google pdf)
Good and bad cats, by Frederick White, 1911 (Google pdf)